Inspirational Women at M1 Shift Tank 2016

Guest Post: Kaelyn Ha is a CoderDojo NYC student volunteer attending Hunter College High School. She loves to write and has a budding interest in computer science and programming. She attended our first session of Girls First Digital Studio and returned as a teacher assistant for our other sessions.

What is Shift Tank?

On August 27th, women founders and leaders in various industries gathered to discuss social good and their careers as CEOs and founders of organizations. Shift Tank is an invite only idea event built for and executed by M1 speakers and thought leaders. At Shift Tank, participants spoke on the topics of entrepreneurism, venture capitalism and investment, social responsibility, and book publishing, to name just a few. Backgrounds were diverse; some founders of startups that targeted solutions to social justice issues, ranging from preventing human trafficking to bridging the confidence gap, some CEOs, authors, and developers of the next AI innovation.

Do something today that you are afraid of.
— Elana Reinholtz, CEO and founder of Bird & Stone

It was remarkable listening to confident women stand up and speak about their accomplishments--both global and personal. These were women who changed people’s lives by having the courage and drive to speak up and talk about vulnerability, the confidence gap, and the work they do. Their courage and abilities to dominate in a world tailored to men was tremendously inspiring to me. Even if I had initially believed I could achieve as much as these women did, to listen to the work they did, to see all these women founders and CEOs in a world so scarce of them, was truly empowering.

Although most of the attendees were women, the men were no less of leaders in their own industries. Invited as a speaker, one (James Ranson) shared with the group tips on publishing books and myths about being a book author. This talk exposed me to the publishing world, as well as some insight in what being an author really was.

Thank you to Melissa Broadway and other M1 speakers for hosting this event.